Privacy policy

The confidentiality of your data means for us. We take very seriously the responsibility to protect the personal data which you provide to us. This confidentiality policy, which we update from time to time, explains what types of data we collect, the method in which we use it and protect this data and your rights concerning the processing of personal data.

To protect your confidentiality and to protect your personal data, we see and implement reasonable processes and procedures to prevent the unauthorized access and uncompliant use of personal information. We use adequate systems and technologies, updated to protect your personal data in a safe manner.

Your data operator

FIMA MOTORS S.R.L., with the headquarters in Bucharest, 54 - 56 FETESTI Street, 3rd district, working unit situated in 291B Calea Bucurestilor, Otopeni, Ilfov, having the registration number in the Trade Register attached to the Bucharest County Court J40/8767/2014 and the Unique Registration Code: 33418698, collects and processes personal data according to the provisions of Law no. 677 of 21.11.2001, and since 25.05.2018 with the provisions of the EU Regulation no. 679 of 27.04.2016 concerning the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and regarding the free movement of this data.


The collected personal data will be:

processed legally, fairly and transparently for the targeted person (“lawfulness, fairness and transparency”);

collected within determined, explicit and legal purposes and are not processed subsequently in an incompatible mode to these purposes (“limitations related to purpose”);

adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary concerning the purposes in which it is processed (“diminution to minimum of data”);

accurate and, if necessary, will be updated (“accuracy”);

kept in a form which allows the identification of targeted persons for a period which does not exceed the period necessary for the fulfilment of purposes in which the data is processed (“limitations related to storage”);

processed in a way which provides the adequate security of personal data, including the protection against the unauthorized or illegal processing and against the loss, destruction or accidental damage, by taking the adequate technical or organizational measures (“integrity and confidentiality”).



The personal identification data (name, forename, address, age, phone number, email, PIN, series and number of the identity card / passport, series and number of leave to remain, holograph signature). The data is necessary for the valid conclusion of lease contracts and performance of the contractual relationship with the Operator.

Financial personal details (information related to the bank account). The data is necessary for the analysis of the need of insurance and for the identification of the optima insurance product, by report to the financial capacities.

Information concerning the location, image and video records of the individuals (video records registered by the supervision cameras installed at the headquarters of FIMA MOTORS SRL, IP address captured at the website use). The data is necessary to provide the safeguard and protection in the locations of FIMA MOTORS SRL, to improve the offered services, the solve complaints concerning the vehicle condition, as well as any demands from the clients concerning the rented vehicles.



FIMA MOTORS S.R.L. collects and processes your personal data within the following purposes:

a) Requests and reservations - When you request an offer or make a reservation on our website, we use your personal data to create an offer or to configurate and complete the reservation transaction and to submit the necessary details concerning the performed reservation. Within the same method, we can use your personal data to complete and administer the reservation of any auxiliary product or service (such as, insurance) and to submit the details necessary for that provider;

! Upon the creation of an use account on our website, we ask for and collect the name, forename, email address, mobile phone number, this data is necessary within precontractual purpose, to make a reservation.

b) The conclusion and execution of the lease agreement, including your information concerning the situation of reservation, validation, supply of services and billing, the resolution of cancellations or problems of any type referring to the offered services;
c) The analysis and improvement of our services and communications to you;
d) Within the purpose of insurance and processes which the insurance involves (for e.g. acknowledgment of damage, evaluation and resolution of the damage file);
e) The protection of security and management of access to our headquarters;
f) To detect and prevent the frauds and other illegal or unauthorized activities;
g) Within the purpose of monitoring and evaluating the compliance with our policies and standards;
h) Within the purpose of observing the exercising and / or defending our legal rights;
i) To solve the potential litigations, submitted to the courts (of common law or arbitrage, from the country or abroad);
j) communications or reporting to competent government or state agencies, institutions or authorities);
k) recovery of receivables (if applicable).

! We do NOT use your personal data for statistics or to identify you subsequently. The only identification is possible when you want it (make a reservation for a vehicle to rent or you want to administer a previous reservation) and it is done only within the purpose of pre-filling in the form with your data, the data provided previously knowingly.


The legal basis for processing your data within the purposes mentioned above are:

  1. conclusion and performance of the contract for the lease of vehicles, as well as performing upon your request the procedures for the conclusion of the insurance contract;
  2. a legal obligation of the Operator, when the processing is necessary to observe a legal obligation;
  3. the legal interest of the Operator, for activities such as the defense in justice of the company rights and interests, the correct administration of business, the supply of information;
  4. your consent for the cases expressly provided by the law;

The categories of addressees to whom the collected personal data can be submitted:

  1. public authorities (including tax authorities, authorities for the protection of consumers, as well as those from the field of insurances, public bodies competent in criminal matters), as consequence of a legal obligation of the Operator;
  2. the services providers involved directly / indirectly in the process of renting vehicles (e.g. payment / bank services, insurance, service for vehicles, MOT warehouse / change of tires, vehicle towing and other similar services);
  3. Those who offer the security and other type of protection for the Operator’s systems;
  4. Those who collaborate in the field of collecting receivables from clients (if applicable);
  5. providers of goods and services supplied by third parties, identified on our website, within the purpose of allowing them to contact you to offer relevant products or services.


The transfer of personal data to a country from outside the European Economic Area

If necessary to handover and process your personal data in a state outside the European Union, FIMA MOTORS SRL will ensure that the personal data processing is compliant with the security requirements to which the processing from the European Community is subject, of which component is represented by the observance of EU standards concerning the personal data processing, ensuring the fulfilment of desideratum provided by the legislation in the matter of personal data protection ..


Duration for the collected data storage

The personal data will be processed at least during the validity period of the lease agreement, as well as subsequently, during the period necessary for the performance of contractual obligations by any of the parties. When it is not necessary anymore reasonably within the purposes mentioned above or when you withdraw the consent (if such a consent has been granted) and FIMA MOTORS SRL does not have the legal obligation to continue store that data, your personal data will be deleted or removed.

However, we will keep your personal data for a reasonable period of time, according to the legal interest of FIMA MOTORS SRL to exercise or defence a right of FIMA MOTORS SRL or of other person in justice, until the end of the relevant retention period or until the resolution of those actions in justice.


The rights which you have concerning your personal data

Concerning the personal data processing based on the conditions specified in the Regulation regarding the protection of data at European level 679/2016, you can exercise any of the following rights:

  1. The access right to the database and the right to information - it means that you have the right to obtain a confirmation from the operator that he processes or not the personal data which concern you and, if affirmative, access to data and to information concerning the method in which the data is processed.
  2. The right to intervention on the data consists of the right to obtain, upon request and gratuitously, the correction, update, blockage, restriction or deletion of data of which processing is not compliant with the law, especially of inaccurate data, of data which is not necessary anymore for the fulfilment of purposes for which it has been collected or when the targeted person withdraws the consent based on which the processing takes place.
  3. The right to opposition targets the right to oppose to the processing of personal data due to solid and legal reasons related to the special situation in which you are. 
  4. Also, you have the right to oppose at any time, gratuitously and without any justification, that the data is processed within commercial or marketing purposes directly performed by the Operator.
  5. The right to withdraw the consent - The consent can be withdrawn at any time, when the processing of personal data which concern you has been done based on your consent.
  6. The right of portability for data refers to the right of receiving your personal data in a structured format and the right that this data is submitted directly to another operator, if this is feasible from technical point of view.
  7. The right to deletion of data (“right to be forgotten”) - presupposes the right to request the deletion of personal data which concern you, in certain circumstances, as well as (i) the personal data is not necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it has been collected or processed, (ii) your data has been processed illegally, (iii) the processing of data has taken place based on your consent, and it has been withdrawn.
  8. The right to restrict the processing - Presupposes the right to request and obtain the restriction of the processing of personal data which concerns you, in certain circumstances, such as (i) you appeal the accuracy of data, during the period which would allow us to verify the accuracy of this data, (ii) your personal data has been processed illegally, and you oppose to its deletion, requesting to restrict its use.


The other rights guaranteed by the legal provisions in the matter are:

  1.  right of not being subject to an individual decision, based only on the automatic processing, including the creation of profiles;
  2.  right of addressing to the justice, for the defence of any rights guaranteed by the law;
  3.  right of being notified by the Operator concerning the security breaches which have / would have an impact on the targeted personal data.

! In order to exercise the rights mentioned above, the targeted persons will submit a written, signed and dated application to the mailing address of the operator at 291B Calea Bucurestilor, Otopeni, Ilfov or on email, at the address [email protected], following to receive an answer within 30 days from the registration date in the company records.

Besides the situations mentioned above, the targeted persons will be able to address a complaint against the method for the processing of data, directly to FIMA MOTORS SRL, in which they can show the request, the reason of complaint or / and the rights which they consider to be violated or will be able to submit a complaint to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (, but not earlier than 30 days from the submission of a complaint to the Operator.


Subsequent modifications of the confidentiality policy:

We are entitled to make any modification to the Confidentiality Policy at any time without a prior notification. The modifications will enter in force upon their occurrence on our website, on this page without notification. Due to this reason, please verify again here for updates, each time you visit the website

If you have questions, please send an email to [email protected]