Volkswagen Touareg SUV

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  • airconditiong
  • transmission Auto
  • passengers 5
  • doors 5
  • bags 1
Unlimited kilometers
Free Shuttle
Open 24/7
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Per day
Per day

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About the car

Touareg is an impressive and unmistakable presence on roads, being drawn on incisive lines and unique details. A strong and dynamic personality, Touareg faces the challenges with sports and defines new standards by expressive and vanguard design. Discover new roads and enjoy the comfort at highest level. In Touareg, you dominate the road by the position and you enjoy the comfortable space, practical facilities and innovating and useful technology. Enjoy a special freedom feeling guaranteed by the structure of the interior area. You and you passengers will feel good, because Touareg combines the luxury design with the practical functions. Also, the large volume of the trunk and the tailgate with electrical actuation will offer you an enormous flexibility and a plus of comfort in everything you do.

FMN Rent benefits

Benefit of the vehicle renting services offered by FMN Rent:

  • Unlimited number of kilometers
  • Cash payment or by Debit / credit card
  • Payment on delivery or online
  • Free transfer from / to airport to our office
  • Modification or cancellation reservation
  • Full tank

Disinfecting the inside of the car:

Our cars are cleaned after each rent, as part of the normal cleaning process. However, we have consolidated the standard process and after each car rent all cars are subject to a disinfection process.

The cars are first of all sanitized with a disinfectant registered by EPA and disposable cloths, insisting on areas with high touch.

Then, we use an ozone generator. The ozone treatments are the best method to remove bacteria, virus and smells. The cleaning power of this treatment saturate the upholstery fibers and can reach all corners, including the ventilation holes of the vehicle and under the chairs.

Cleaning the outside of the vehicle:

The adequate inside / outside sanitization of the vehicle is observed equally and we ensure that the maintenance processes are done adequately before each rent.

The used cleaning products are EPA certified and used in the maintenance process of all vehicles from the fleet.

The most frequent contact areas, such as door and trunk handles, as well as the fuel tank cap are permanently sanitized. These manual processes are performed with disinfectant and disposable products.

Cleaning the children seats:

Our children seats (0 - 18 kg) and lifting chairs (18 - 36 kg) are disinfected after each car rent. After each use, these are kept inside the vehicle to follow the disinfection process with generator.